Do you want to talk to someone about your legal problem?

Of course, you can get online help from LawHelp/NY but many people want to talk to a live human being.  On LawHelp/NY’s home page, there is  a link to a list of hotlines serving New Yorkers.

For example, if you have a legal question and you live in New York City and you are low-income, you can call the Legal Hotline, which is staffed by attorneys and paralegals who are trained to give free advice over the phone.

Another useful hotline that serves New York City residents is NEDAP’s hotline for people who have debt or credit problems, or have a frozen bank account.

There are three hotlines for people who are victims of domestic violence—at the NY City, NY State and national level.  There are also hotlines for Teen Dating Abuse and Child Abuse!

The majority of people who visit the LawHelp/NY website are seeking help with a family law problem, such as divorce, guardianship, custody or more. New York State is lucky—we have the LIFT (Legal Information for Families Today) hotline. And many of their resources are in Spanish and other languages.

Don’t forget to let us know if there is a hotline you know of that isn’t on our list. Thanks.

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  1. lisa elmendorf says:

    I retained a lawyer and paid him 8500.00, the lawyer died and another law firm is handling his account. I have called numerous times and they ae ignoring my phone calls. I contacted the Human protection Board and they tried to help me but the other law office was also not returning any phone calls or letters. I am out of alot of money and want to know how I can get this back. I have copies of the check payable to the attorney who passed away.

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