Foreclosure and Seniors

A recent report by AARP “The Foreclosure Crisis: Ending the Nightmare for Older Americans” found that more than 1.5 million older Americans have lost their homes since 2007 and millions more remain at risk.  The study also highlights the fact that seniors are struggling to pay their home loans and are in risk of foreclosure.

For seniors struggling to pay their mortgage, they should contact a foreclosure prevention counselor as soon as possible in their area.  To find a foreclosure prevention counselor in your area, click here. A foreclosure prevention counselor provides free, professional advice. They can help seniors determine their options, negotiate with the lender, and help them find free legal services and other resources in their area.

For those seniors that are currently facing foreclosure, they should look at this list of free legal services providers in New York that help people prevent foreclosure: Free NY Legal Help For Seniors Facing Foreclosure.

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