Chat Legal Help Available Fridays for New Yorkers Facing Family Law Issues

Every year, thousands of New Yorkers turn to Family Courts to resolve urgent family matters such as, child custody, visitation, child support, and domestic violence.  However, the majority of these individuals, more than 80%, will not have a lawyer.

Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT) and LawHelpNY have teamed up to offer individual family law help through live chat on Fridays from 10-4pm. This project, called LiveHelp, is one of the first collaborations in the country that offers free access to expert family law information via online live chat.  It is made possible through the technical assistance of Pro Bono Net and the work of LIFT and LawHelp/NY staff.

On Fridays – there are two ways you can chat with a LIFT operator:


Option 1: Through the LIFT Website
Go to the LIFT website –
Click on tab Get Help
Click on Need Help finding legal information – and then to chat with a liveperson.

Option 2: Through the Website
Click on the LiveHelp button on
Fill out LawHelp/NY pre-chat survey
Let the LawHelp operator know that you have a family court issue.  LIFT does not deal with all family law issues, so the operator will need to know what family issue you are facing.  If your issue is one that is covered, you will be transferred to the LIFT operator.

If you have any questions about this service, you can contact the LiveHelp Program Coordinator, Quisquella Addison at

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