We Love Apps!! Our Top 10 Apps for Keeping You Healthy and Informed

And who doesn’t? They can be entertaining or keep you up to date, keep you healthy or increase your knowledge. There’s an app for literally everything.

An app is an abbreviation for application, and with the recent affordability of smart phones and other portable technology, apps have grown to meet the needs of many niche markets. We recently reviewed the apps at apps.usa.gov and here’s our favorites for keeping you healthy, up to date, and in the know:

1. Product Recalls: This app tells you whether or not a product has ever been recalled. Just type the product’s name into your phone, and it will give you the history of the product’s recalls.

2. Breathe2Relax: Stress getting you down? Or maybe you are just interested in how diaphragmatic breathing can help you manage stress and help stabilize moods and control anger and anxiety. Breathe happy!

3. EyeNote: This rad app assists the visually impaired or blind users in determining currency denominations. But be careful, as this app doesn’t authenticate those bills!

4. Find a health center: This is a handy app for finding health clinics in your area. Health clinics can provide you with medical care when you aren’t currently covered by health insurance. These clinics can provide you with medical care, preventative care, and maternity care, among many other types of care. Download it today, and learn what your options are!

5. Gobierno.gov: The US government is now en espanol! Get access to the government’s webpages and search through them with this app for important and timely information.

6. MY DS(dietary supplements): This app, from the Department of Health and Human Services, helps you keep track of the supplements and medications you take. It touts itself as being more secure than a scrap of paper with its password lock option. Plus, you already take your phone everywhere with, like to the store and doctor’s office, so you will always remember what supplements and medications you take and how much.

7. American Red Cross: Shelter View: Having this app on hand when a disaster strikes can help you find where the Red Cross has identified local shelters to help out in a disaster. The list of shelters is updated every 30 minutes, so you can be sure that the information is accurate.

8. Collections Search Center from the Smithsonian: Can’t take the family on vacation? Bring the vacation to the family! The Smithsonian has an amazing collection of works, varying across several forms of art and history that can take days to go through. This app allows you to search this massive collection on your own time.

9. SBA: Got a great idea for a business? Learn how to start your business or take it to the next level with this app. Via the Small Business Administration, this app gives you the names and locations of advisors near you to get free and relevant information to start your own business and to grow it. Good luck!

10. FEMA App: Be prepared! This app helps you do just that by providing you with tips and information on what to do during an emergency and can help you apply for disaster funding. More features to this app are being applied soon.

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