10 Legal Protections for New Yorkers to Consider During the Summer

Summer is once again upon us.  For many, this is the time of the year where we find ourselves traveling, dealing with projects and issues that we had been putting off all Winter, and trying to stay cool.  As you go about your summer, consider the following legal protections to ensure that your Summer is stress-free:

  1. Online Travel: If you are looking to book your vacation online, make sure you know how to avoid scams.  Keep in mind the popular phrase, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!” Learn about how to safely look for online travel deals and what to do if you are a victim of a online travel scam.
  2. Online Safety for Kids: Now that Summer is here, your children may be spending more time online than before.  While the Internet is a great learning tool for kids make sure you are aware of the safety protections to take in order to keep your kids safe online.  Internet Safety for Kids Under 6 to 13.
  3. Online Safety for Teens: These days most teens are already spending much of their time online.  They may even already have a Facebook or Twitter account or even a blog they use to share information with friends.  Help your teen understand how to stay safe and maintain privacy while online.  Keeping your Teen safe Online.
  4. Repairs and bad conditions: Does your apartment or house need repairs you’ve been putting off dealing with?  Have you been struggling to get your landlord to make necessary fixes in your apartment?  If you are dealing with any of these issues make sure to read about your rights to repairs and fixes if you are renting an apartment or house in New York.
  5. Staying Cool: Summer time brings, hot heat.  If you are on limited income and have a medical condition find out how you can get a  we’ve got information on getting free or subsidized air conditioning . If you get Medicaid and have serious respiratory or heart problems exacerbated by the heat, you may be able to ask Medicaid to pay for an air conditioner. You can also check out information on finding free legal assistance with Medicaid problems.
  6. Visas & Information for Temporary Visitor: If you are visiting another country this Summer or are having family from another country visit you in the U.S. make sure to read all of the latest requirements for travel visas and temporary visitors.
  7. Veteran Benefits: This Summer many veterans are returning back home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Read about the services and assistance available to veterans and their families.
  8. Time Off from work: Are you struggling to take off time from work?  If so, learn about your rights to time-off in New York State.
  9. Tax Collection Issues: If you are struggling with tax issues that were not resolved earlier this year or if you received an IRS notice that you can’t understand, there is information to help you understand your rights.   Resolve your tax collection issues.
  10. Starting your own small business or micro enterprise- If you have been thinking about starting your own small business or micro enterprise in New York State, here is a collection of resources on the legal requirements and information on how to get started:  Information on starting a small-business in New York.

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